Mailing List

Mailing lists are crucial to the operation of the Apache Software Foundation. The Foundation, as well as each of the Apache Projects , uses mailing lists to coordinate development of the software and administration of the organization. Mailing lists also serve as a primary support channel where users can help each other learn to use the software.

Participants are expected to abide by the well-established rules of "netiquette", coupled with the supportive nature of the Apache Way. Some mailing lists are not public. Be sure not to take such private discussions into a public forum unless there is agreement of all parties.

Be aware of the Public Forum Archive Policy.Please also read the Tips for email contributors.

Unless otherwise noted, these lists are managed by ezmlm , which means that if you want to subscribe to list@apache.org then you need to send a message to

To unsubscribe a different e-mail - e.g. you used to be subscribed as user@oldname.example - send a message to

After you send the subscribe or unsubscribe request, the list manager will send you a confirmation e-mail in reply. You must reply to this e-mail to complete the process. If you have not received the confirmation request, check that it has not been marked as spam.

To find out more about a lists features, including how to contact the list owner (moderator), send a message to

Archives for public mailing lists are available at a number of locations, including:

Links to project-specific mailing list info can be found on the project resources page.

The apachecon-discuss@apache.org mailing list is used for discussions on the future of ApacheCon, and future ApacheCons. (Discussions for current and upcoming ApacheCons which have been approved occur on other lists)

The small-events-discuss@apache.org mailing list is used for discussions on future small events, such as BarCampApaches, Meetups, Retreats and Hackathons. It is used for discussing and planning small events that are not yet ready to seek final approval

The community@apache.org mailing list is used by the participants in the Apache Software Foundation to discuss general topics of interest to the foundation. Participation in this list is open to everyone. Public archives are available of this list.

The infrastructure@apache.org mailing list is used by the Foundations infrastructure team to discuss issues concerning the operation of the overall Apache Software Foundation systems. Participation in this list is only available to committers of the Apache Software Foundation. Non-committers may send mail to this address to report problems with ASF systems, however see the notes about system status before you do. See also more information about other infra lists.

The legal-discuss@apache.org is a forum for questions (even FAQs) that have a legal aspect to them. These questions may concern (for example) licensing, third party packages, contributor agreement questions and trademark issues. This list will build into an ad-hoc knowledge base about those thorny legal issues that most commonly effect Apache projects. Please keep speculation to a minimum and avoid making authoritative statements without genuine knowledge of the subject.

Volunteers willing to codify discussions into a FAQ will be welcomed.